Young Researchers’ Consortium, a platform for researchers’ intellectual dialogues and deliberations, is organised by the Sayyid Ahmed-ul-Bukhari Center for Research, Ma’din Kulliyya of Islamic Science, Malappuram, for the benefit of research scholars and young research aspirants of various institutes. YRC is an excellent platform to nurture young minds towards accelerated research and innovation. It intends to bring the scholars to address relevant research problems in social science. YRC provides a forum to identify multi-disciplinary and also encourage the scholars to be passionate about their research and bring out quality research outputs.

The second phase of Consortium discusses the emerging trends in social science, to redesign the widely evolving areas of concerns in contemporary social science.

It also provides an opportunity to the scholars of various institutes to share ideas in diversified topics related to emerging trends in domain areas in social science with a clear understanding.


Sayyid Ahmad-ul-Bukhari Centre for Research (SABCeR) , a leading research initiative established in 2014, as an endeavour to integrate socio-religious trends in research. SABCeR was established on the behalf of Madin Kulliya of Islamic Science and redesigned the research work in new areas. Looking back to the past, it is so gratifying to see the results of SABCeR, have found profound readings of various research in areas differentiating separately.

SABCeR is focussing on developing a research mindset with socio-religious concerns. In total, more than 90 young researchers have completed their research work under SABCeR and published in various subject areas. As a result of the continuous approaches, SABCeR, has made a bountful contribution to the main stream of academia.


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