Ma’din YRC ; A great opportunity for young researchers #2 #2

Ma’din YRC – Young Researchers’Consortium is an academic innovative program where young scholars and students can present their ideas worth sharing. Ma’din is focusing on the theme ‘trends in social sciences’.

If you are a degree student or doing higher studies , ofcourse this is a great opportunity for you. You can present your research paper or abstract on the program. YRC offers another great chance for publishing your research paper in ISBN approved journals.

Things you have to do

If you are a ongoing research student and have an abstract or research paper here are few steps you have to do. Otherwise, you can jump to how to become a research student.

  1. Prepare your abstract as a document.
  2. Go to YRC page . You can read more about the conference there
  3. Select application type as presentation.
  4. Fill the form and upload your abstract.
  5. YRC organizers will contact you.

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